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Independence day @ IIM Indore

Indian Institute of Management Indore celebrated the 65th Independence Day in its traditional manner with the Faculty, Students and the Management Staff gathering at the Central Lawn of the Institute early morning for the National Anthem and Flag hoisting ceremony. Professor N. Ravichandran did the honours of hoisting the flag and addressed the IIM Indore community on this auspicious occasion. He reminded about Jawaharlal Nehru’s vision of the higher educational institutions being the modern temples of India which gave a sense of identity to IIM-Indore to rededicate itself for the betterment of the country and contribute to the national growth. He stressed on the fast growth shown by IIM-Indore since its inception in terms of its growing infrastructure, doubling of the faculty strength and nearly ten-fold increase in the batch size. He said that students and faculty should have the obligation to contribute to the society but they need to have an urge to invoke excellence in them and make it a part of their life so that they are able to make a positive impact and growth woul be sustained. In order to achieve this, they need to focus on self-development by submerging their individual ego which will lead to the well-being of their family and the institute in the long run. Self-development gets cascaded to the society they live in and eventually to the country as a whole. He concluded this inspiring speech by stressing that IIM-Indore will continue to contribute to national growth in the future as well.

Later as a part of its Social Sensitivity drive, Pragat-I, the social sensitivity club of IIM Indore celebrated Independence Day with the primary school students of nearby EGS School which is supported by them. Participants spent time with the students and provided them with necessary items. Drawing competition were conducted to bring out the creativity of kids. Prizes were awarded to the best 10 drawings and various interactive games and events are also conducted. The kids were shown various videos and movies pertaining to patriotism to develop a sense of pride in being the future of India. Sweets and chocolates were also be distributed during the events.

– Ninad & Debashree (Class of 2013)


As part of the 64th Independence Day Celebrations at IIM Indore, the Cultural and Social Affairs Committee conducted an article/poem writing competition. The following poem titled “Independence” was judged the winning poem among a number of entries.

It’s been more than sixty years,
Since we began our journey,
When the whole world had slept,
And we had made a tryst with destiny,

It was a new day for us,
A feeling of self-accomplishment,
A sense of utmost contentment,
As hands clasped together, we prayed for a better India,

It’s been more than sixty years,
But the fears still exist,
The pain does persist,
As hands clasped together, we still pray for a better India,

Is hoisting the tricolour enough,
Is chanting the national anthem enough,
Where is the pride, the enthusiasm,
The feeling of unity and patriotism,

We are known for our tolerant culture,
But are we for our sceptical nature,
We fear or hate our own brothers,
Just because of a difference in caste or religion,

We talk about eradicating,
Poverty and corruption,
Yet we repeatedly keep exploiting,
The masses forming the bulk of the population,

We prefer to watch the reality shows,
Than face the distressing reality,
We care more for our cricketers,
Than our war heroes and survivors,

It’s been more than sixty years,
Yet we live in darkness,
Waiting for that one glow of light,
To get us out of the self-created mess,

Was this the dream of the “Mahatma”,
Was this the India we craved,
Was this the nation we wanted,
As hands clasped together, we keep praying for a better India,

It’s time we stand up,
For our beloved motherland,
It’s been more than sixty years,
And it’s time we carve a better India with our magical hand………

Ninad Bhangle, (Class of 2013)