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Indore Marathon – Run for a Healthy India

Indian Institute of management, Indore, a premier B-school of India, known for churning out top managers year after year has also been proactive in giving something back to the society. IIM-Indore is one of the very few B-schools who have a rural immersion programme, a rural marketing festival and also a functioning social sensitivity cell, Pragat-I. Apart from that, in 2008, the institute initiated the “Indore marathon”, an annual event which is now one of the most awaited events among people in Indore. The event will be held on the 2nd of October, on the memorable occasion of Gandhi Jayanti.

It’s not only the event which is special, but also the theme which makes it popular. The theme for this year’s event “Run for a healthy India” is truly apt because of the myriad health concerns prevailing in the country. Sedentary lifestyle coupled with unhealthy eating habits has resulted in an escalation of health related problems being faced by a large portion of urban population. In view of rising population, the basic healthcare and sanitation facilities continue to be inadequate in large parts of rural India. The excessive usage of antibiotics has led to the rise of a new breed of germs which are resistant to drugs.  The advancements in the field of medicine would never belie the age-old golden principle of ‘Prevention is better than cure’.

Through this year’s marathon, IIM-Indore wishes to sensitize the masses about growing health concerns and promote health consciousness. IIM-Indore is conducting health camps and blood donation camps with this regard. It has also undertaken an AIDS awareness campaign to impart knowledge and spread awareness about the dreaded disease and how it can be prevented. It plans to remove misconceptions about AIDS from the minds of the general public.

The institute is promoting health through online media too. The Indore Marathon page on Facebook, a popular social networking site boasts of various articles related to fitness and health. To spread health awareness, daily quizzes are being held on the Facebook page. The institute has also planned online chat sessions with the doctor on campus to answer people’s queries regarding health, fitness, nutrition and also doubts regarding preparation for marathon.

Taking into account the buzz on the streets of Indore about the event, the core team is confident of success. It is expecting huge participation from the people of Indore, just as it has received in the past three editions. “Let the roads of Indore be flooded with the enthusiasm of people running for the noble cause of healthcare” says one member of the team.

– Ninad Bhangle (Class of 2013)

Unworthy Earthlings

Air, its there, everywhere,
Why I find still hard to breathe?
What did we do to our home?
It’s now just a cradle of filth

                                                            Carbons, Greenhouses, Emissions
                                                            All day long it’s all I hear,
                                                            Yet the rich are so blinded by richness,
                                                            That nothing’s able to give them a scare

Water, Aqua, the elixir of life,
Was once a symbol of purity,
It’s now as filthy as air, also
It’s yet another scarcity

                                                            God’s green Earth isn’t green no more,
                                                            It’s only now filled with envy and greed,
                                                            Everyone is thinking only for themselves,
                                                            To Mother Nature, we are paying no heed

What face will we show to our future generations?
They will see trees and flowers only in pictures
The tales of flowing water and lush grasses,
Will only be, one day, part of scriptures

                                                            What we need are actions not words,
                                                            To do everything we can, for what it’s worth,
                                                            If no, then we are nothing but unworthy earthlings,
                                                            Who absolutely don’t deserve to live on EARTH

– Swapnil Karande (Class of 2012)
[Inspired by an elective course offered on Green Business Management]