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Udaan: Where the magic Happens

The Marathon season is on at IIM Indore. This year, they have picked up the cause of empowering the old. In a tie up with HelpAge India, IIM Indore is organising Udaan 2015 which is the annual marathon event. The event dates back to 2008, when the students decided to fight for the causes most relevant to the society.

Each year a fresh battle is won. An 11-km run starting from DussehraMaidan in the city and ending at the IIM Indore campus, the event attracts people from all walks of life.Each year, a theme is selected for the event and the event is used to sensitize people towards the theme. Top three runners in several age categories are also awarded. Last year the event covered new grounds in inviting participation and publicising the theme. Runners can participate in the categories of 18-35 years,35-60 years,60+years, Corporates and Defence. In the words of Akash Srivastava, the coordinator, “Udaan is the perfect opportunity for Central India to really stand up for its senior citizens and be their staff of support.”

The campus is abuzz with the preparations for the event. A walk through the campus gives out a festive vibe, with posters for the marathon everywhere. Teams can be seen hard at work preparing for the event with numerous campaign ideas being put into motion. In this huge melee are the visits that HelpAge India helped to conduct to their Mobile Medical Unit camps in and around Indore. Various people of various nationalities have also lent their support to the cause and will be actively participating at the event. They have voiced their strong opinion, as to how much the senior members help our society, by guiding us in the right direction.

The article has been written by the media team of Udaan-2015

Curious Case Of the NGO

NGO’s are a capitalist phenomenon. A very humanitarian approach to the issue would have ensured that there’s never an imbalance- and it is definitely more than an imbalance that we are talking- 90% of the world’s wealth is held by 10% of the world’s population or so we are made to believe.

Such an outlook prompts a few of us (perhaps the 90%) to wake up and wish to ‘give back’ to society, for we perhaps wrongly feel that we have gained a lot, influenced or more importantly been helped by world that surrounds us. But, in fact, we are merely humanistic individuals caught up in an increasingly capitalist world. It is hard to keep a straight face, to keep from breaking down, when you meet (though not often) people who want & want and seem to keep wanting endlessly. It does not seem right. Humans (note how I can finally say ‘humans’ instead of humanistic individuals) are inherently good; we are then raised to believe in a layered society and the concept of money & status.

Money (or wealth) is definitely not the only way to achieve a social standing- it becomes the preferred means though, because of its ease. Yes, making money is easy- all it needs is a lot of very selfish motivation and self-centered growth. But then, since humans are not inherently wired to meet these needs or fulfill these profiles, it is but a handful of people.

You have to prove that you do not need a loan to get one; you have to prove that you know how to work Excel, to get a job that will train you how to use it. It’s a world of ironies- that is but the world built by capitalism.
We call upon capitalist institutions to change the world- but the world is but shaped by these.

I return to what we began with, NGO’s are indeed a capitalist phenomenon. The money rising from capitalist activities is doled out to the ‘poor’ who again stem from the advent of a capitalist system- for our own ‘capitalized’ souls to feel better. We yearn to break through, to break away from it all- and that inexplicable happiness that stems from a young boy’s face lighting up- we sleep over that happiness for that’s all our little conceited, hurt selves will allow.
Perhaps, we need to move beyond; perhaps we realize that & all we can manage in this world is a little we give; we want to move beyond, we’re bounded and forever.

Break, give, stop. Give a little to someone who needs it more than you, today, this hour.

This article has been written by Revant Sindhu, an IPM-4 participant of IIM Indore

My share of the P-I (Planet-I)

Far away from the main city, into the suburban expanse between Indore and Bhopal lies a “society” called IIM Indore. Entering which might require the zenith of your labor, surviving which takes much more. I’m not usually the one who expresses his feelings, however when I think of the past one year or so, it’s tough not to get the thoughts flowing. It is the starting of the penultimate term at IIM Indore. One long year, which will surely hold a special place in my mind (or maybe heart)?
Being another one among the batch crowded with engineers, most of us confused as to why we chose this life, IIM is definitely overwhelming at start. Bewildered, innocent souls like me, unaware of the rules of this unique planet, land here only to be stormed away even by what would be a routine day at Planet-I. One has to part with the true love of his life, sleep, only to see him being drowned in the sand of ceaseless mandatory guest talks, arduous lectures, unthinkable to miss (or even do) assignments and distinctly sacrosanct deadlines. Some of us still can’t fathom the art of time stoppage during the lecture hours. Exams and surprise quizzes provide the icing on the cake. The identities borrowed during resume iteration, the fluency of the hesitant minds while making presentations, the sleep in wide eyes in lectures, become a part of our existence. We land here wanting college life back; end up wondering, whether college life wants us back?
At that moment you realize, the bitter sweet symphony that’s this post graduate college. Among the storm of classes, assignments and deadlines the rescuer i.e. spirit of the students makes us survive. The fitness sessions at the sports complex, the activities of clubs and committees, the birthday celebrations, the MOMOs at JAM, rejuvenate us. Celebrations of diverse festivals remind us of the world outside. Above all, this place presents us with friends for life. The late night parties, the trips to Mashal and the incessant random all-nighters pass us through the backlash of deadlines and the waning grades.
I was once told life at a B-school is just a glimpse of what’s to come. And with time I realized that this place is surely a glorified version of the future. Whatever be the case, call the infracom and get the internet working, open those dumbbell sized books, but more than anything, keep the spirit high and you will definitely come out as a better self.

Yes Man!


So I had a full-fledged article for this blog, until one of my friends pointed out that there were two of them with the same theme. You’ll probably read one about the importance of saying no. It is important. Pretty important in this mad-mad dog eat dog world. But now since you’ve reached Planet-I, yes it is a planet, not only because it is completely isolated and someone from outside the walls seems like an alien, but also because it has a life of its own, it breathes and lives like you and me, only because of you and me. This ‘planet’ offers you a feast of opportunities to pick on, in terms of things you are good at, things you think you might be good at and things that you think you could never do.

What I wanted to say is Say YES my friend! Yes to trying things that you thought you could never do, yes to the business plan you never thought would work out, yes to that crazy dream you had when you were little, yes to trying to accomplish things you were not supposed to. Say yes to turning your life around, yes to saying ‘In Your face, Luck’. Most importantly, say yes to love, love for your passion, love for your career, love for your friends and of course, love for love.

The campus offers us amazing and real insights to almost everything we are interested in through guest talks and workshops, attend them. The library gives us books on almost everything on the face of this earth, read them. And needless to say we have incomparable infrastructure, in terms of sports facilities, magnificence and beauty (Do not miss the sunset point). Just go pick a cycle from the HRC and go explore! You’ll find something new every day.

All of this will sound a little clichéd, of course it is, clichés are called clichés for a reason; they work. Just say yes and see where life takes you. You’ll be surprised.

This article has been written by Soumya Loomba., PGP-1 student at IIM Indore.

How time flies at Planet-I


A walk up the winding staircase towards the academic block amidst the early morning rush provides plenty of scope for reflection. Perhaps, the pace at which we rush in a mad scramble to reach class on time is only matched by the sheer pace at which life moves on here at Planet-I. There is an undeniable element of truth behind this symbolism, a truth which has become the fundamental principle everybody here lives by.

I recall the numerous sleepless nights I spent in anticipation of what this journey would entail – there was a sense of nervous excitement that led to this state of sleep deprivation. I had scarcely imagined, though, that before long, those sleepless nights would translate into an integral part of our daily existence. It indeed took a while before my mind and my cognitive abilities could perceive and give meaning to this rather unfamiliar way of life.

IIM Indore, I would say, is a place where the concept of time abstracts from its Newtonian origins and delves into much deeper territory. It is only here that one truly learns to appreciate the value of time. As presentations and competitions stretch late into the night and submissions as early as 4 AM become quite routine, one gradually adopts and adapts to this change in the scheme of things. Besides, who would want to miss out on the excitement and the fun associated with each activity on campus?

However, the time leading up to the 8:45 am classes is, and perhaps will always remain, an exception. The scenes all around campus at that time are comical to say the least. The hostel corridors are filled with sleepy-eyed people, who rush to knock on their neighbours’ doors to wake them up, and try to get themselves ready on time. For some, breakfast becomes a concept unheard for days, while the others barely manage to stop at the Mess for a couple of minutes. Ironically enough, the energy levels do not drop as the day progresses, and at night the campus is always abuzz with a variety of happenings.

This hectic, busy and fast-paced life, where things happen at the blink of an eye, provides an insight into a much busier and tougher corporate world. These two years act as a stepping stone towards bigger opportunities in life, and prepare us to successfully overcome the challenges that impede us in our path towards development. If utilized appropriately, they can provide enough learning for a lifetime. It is only a matter of choice; when time is up against us, we can decide to submit, or choose to rise.

This article has been written by Avantika Tikmany, PGP-1 student at IIM Indore.