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The internship was a steep learning curve

I did my internship at Edelweiss Financial Services in the Life Insurance Business (ETLI). The first two days had presentations by various business heads explaining their work after which we were allocated our projects. The culture at ETLI was like a startup and that encouraged dynamic and fast paced work .Ideas and criticisms were always encouraged in the team. The goals of the projects given to interns were defined but how to accomplish it was left to us. We were thrown in the deep end of the pool and we had to quickly learn how to swim. We could take the help of anyone in the office and initiative taking was highly encouraged.

Summer Internship is supposed to be a platform where we get to apply the skillset we learnt in our MBA first year and I was glad to find that it was true .My project in the Risk Management team involved using a lot of Finance and Quantitative concepts which we learnt in the first year at IIM Indore.

One of the most important things that we learnt in our first year is that we should always keep in mind how our work is aligned with the company’s objectives. Sometimes we become so engrossed in our projects and work that we tend to forget what the actual goal is. I made a conscious effort to understand how my work fit into the bigger scheme of things. I worked accordingly, always taking a step back to ensure that my work was in line with the end objective. Another extremely relevant skill that I applied was the Organizational Behaviour one which proved to extremely useful in understanding the team dynamics and facilitating team work. The internship was a steep learning curve and it was very useful in understanding the kind of work we are expected to do once we step out in the corporate world.

  • Jatin Gupta, PGP2 Student.

The closer he got to the horizon, the further it shrank from view

Franky, I had not heard name of Rohan Builders until I Summer Internships started. As a fresher straight out of my Engineering College with no work experience I plunged in as a marketing intern here. The most beneficial thing about the internship was that we were actually allowed to do everything that the permanant employees were doing in the company. We could create our own schedules and could choose what we wanted to do each day. Our mentors made sure we got the best of everything including the excel sessions, linkedIn workshop and the RERA session. I could sit in the meetings and feel like a boss.  Also, playing Table Tennis in the lunch break, celebrating a colleague’s birthday and talking to everyone to get a glimpse of their careers made us feel a part of the family that Rohan Builders is.  I worked on different projects and received a lot more than I could give.


My internship has helped me become confident in my abilities to work with members to achieve their goals. I have broadened my exercise library tremendously and articulate thoughts well. I understood what it is to work in an office. On a personal level, I have built meaningful relationships. It has showed me that you can have a career that doesn’t feel like work, you can make work fun


Real estate is an exciting field. As the tagline of  Rohan Builders rightly puts it – Great Living, engineered’. It feels great to be a part of something that makes saying goodbye so hard. Also Rohan Builders proved lucky to me. I had applied and have gotten selected for the BRICS 2016 Shanghai Summer School Program. The main two courses are : ‘Global Governance and Cooperation among BRICS’and ‘New Development of China’s Polity and Economy’. It is a month -long sponsored program at Shanghai, China. Also it feels lucky to be among just the 4 students selected pan India and about 30 students selected across BRICS countries. Whenever we talk about India, China becomes an inevitable subtext, so I am very excited to be a part of this prestigious program. And let me tell you, I started from scratch and Google was my sole guide. So never give upon your potential. Start small but start nevertheless. A little hardwork always pays.

The closer he got to the horizon

the further it shrank from view

as if desire was only an illusion

and truth lay somewhere beyond!

*Inspired by the rain after reading Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali

By Ajinkya Mahajan, PGP 2 Student


Be active, be eager to learn and realize that your impact matters.


I joined IIM Indore after working for about 3 years as a software engineer at Symantec. My decision to pursue a course in management was not because I didn’t like coding nor because my passion for computers had died, but because I felt that over the years I developed not only a passion for writing software, but also for communication, planning and management. And when it came to selecting a profile for my summer internships, there is no role that fit this criteria better than a PM role. Hence, I was elated when Microsoft provided me with an opportunity to intern with them as a Program Manager at their Hyderabad campus.

I was a part of the Go-To-Market team for Mobile Only apps in the Office division. My project was to develop a Go-To-Market strategy for two Small and Medium Business mobile apps. The project looked a challenging one as my prior work experience was in Enterprise Software products and not in mobile apps. This is where my experience at IIM Indore contributed the most. The rigor of the courses taught during the first year instills in you the confidence for tackling any business problem with a structured thought process.

One of my key learnings from my internship is that effective communication matters a lot in a PM role. As a PM you constantly have to present your ideas to the rest of the team. I loved doing it, but that is not enough – you need to not only know what to present, but also how. My mentor’s advice was “Be clear, concise and to the point”.

Also, as a PM you cannot work in a silo. You take a lot of decisions that impact other teams as well. Getting a buy-in from various stakeholders before you go ahead with its implementation is extremely crucial for the success of your project.

At Microsoft a lot of emphasis is given on generating original ideas that can be put into practice. There are special forums where you can pitch your ideas to a wider audience and get feedback. I presented a marketing idea that I had for the apps in that forum. The work done by interns is taken very seriously at Microsoft and they do not differentiate between a full time employee and an intern.

I got to be a part of an amazing team that did remarkable work and celebrated it remarkably as well. The two months went by like a flash, and I was right in the epicenter of all the action.

At the end of the day, the internship is what you make of it. There is no guide book that will give you the recipe for success. Will you make mistakes? Definitely. But what you learn from those mistakes is what will make you a valuable employee at the end. Be active, be eager to learn and realize that your impact matters.

– Ajay Krishnan

About the author – Ajay is currently studying in the first year of his PGDM course at Indian Institute of Management Indore. Prior to joining IIM Indore he has worked as a software engineer for 3 years at Symantec and interned at Nvidia. He has completed his bachelor’s in engineering in Information Technology from Pune University.

Apart from being a die-hard Liverpool fan, his hobbies include reading about all things tech., and playing table tennis.
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My internship Experience at Kellogg’s

IMAG2600Summer placement is arguably the most important event in a first year MBA student’s life. It is the preceding period that makes most of the ‘busy MBA life’ stories. As if the regular lecture schedule wasn’t hectic enough, club/committee selections and other extra-curricular engagements suck a lot of time from the schedule. Amidst all the hustle, one rarely gets time to sit back and think. My case was no different. Fresher as I was, I had little idea about the kind of life that lay ahead. My inclination toward theatre and culture led me to become a part of the Cultural Committee. I finally got time to give my life a thought.

Upon introspection, I realized that doing everything was not possible for me. Drawing analogy from Strategy lessons, it was important for me to have a clear objective. I analysed my capabilities and came up with the three pillars of my life – creativity, spontaneity and interpersonal interaction. Now I was reasonably sure that Sales and Marketing was the field for me. My liking for marketing as a subject only cemented my realization.

As the placement week started, Industry Interaction Cell organized GD-PI and industry deep dive sessions to supplement the concept based preparation. In retrospect, these proved to be pivotal. It was time for pre placement talks now. Kellogg’s did not just give an amazing PPT, it hosted a breakfast in the college and brought along an air of ebullience. This catapult was sure to give a head start to anyone’s career. When I eventually got selected for Udaan, the 8-week internship program at Kellogg’s, I was on cloud 9!

The program began with a 2 day induction which exposed us to Kellogg’s brands and way of working. My project included the use of Social Listening and 5C’s framework for identifying new product opportunities and platforms for weight management. It was a great opportunity for me as I was working on a live, application oriented project. My mentors – Reena Singh and Sanjib Bose guided and encouraged me in the best way possible. I had complete freedom to do what I had to, yet my progress was monitored lest I’d go astray. I was given constructive feedback at every point. The going was in sync with a very important observation from the induction – “A little ambiguity in direction is good”. The idea was to be entrepreneurial at work.

Culture is, perhaps, the best part about Kellogg’s. Everyone who walks past passes a smile. The enthusiasm around the office radiates energy. There were instances when people went out of their way to help me! My fellow interns were my first resort to getting problems solved. Working together also meant a whole lot of fun. I would particularly like to mention the office birthday celebrations, Intern@K recipe contest, Kidzania visit and the all intern party. Learning didn’t end inside the walls of the office. People from partner agencies were equally enthusiastic about my project and always ready to help. Furthermore, I got access to softwares and webinars which helped me in my project.

Having had positive mid and final reviews, I must say that my learning here was not restricted to the tools that I used. Be it the induction sessions, the session with the MD, informal chats with directors, or discussions amongst the interns, every discussion was a learning. More than work, this internship exposed me to the right way of working. It is about taking ownership of work – ‘The only boundaries are the ones we create for ourselves’.


-Pragyae Maniktalia, IIM Indore



This internship made me realize that this is what I want

Summer Internship is one of the most important and crucial times for a MBA student both at career as well as a personal front. It is a stepping-stone into the corporate world, testing waters when it comes to deciding what you want to do in your career. This applied to me as well. Being an outspoken city girl from an engineering background, I always thought marketing was my future as opposed to a finance one due to my lack of prior knowledge or work experience in the field.

During the summer placement process, I landed an offer from the Investment Banking Division of a reputed bank, one of the most coveted financial roles on campus. My interview experience was one of the most memorable and interesting ones I have had till date, probably a story for another time!

Given my lack of expertise in the field, I was very skeptical before starting off my internship. However, this summer proved otherwise.

Packed with thorough and rigorous training sessions, assignments, deliverable, the internship proved to have a very steep learning curve. It helped me expand my technical knowledge. But my internship proved to be a lot more than that. It helped me develop my personality and hone my skills. The bank I worked in boasts a very strong culture within the organization. Being on the floor, I realized the magnitude of that. No one on the floor was ever too busy to help us interns. The commitment was so strong that some people ended up staying back for over 2 hours to help interns with their work, teaching and guiding them. No question was too dumb or stupid to ask. They had an open door policy where anyone could walk up to anyone, including the VP to discuss anything ranging from problems faced, suggestions, doubts or even cricket! They stressed on an eye for detail making me learn to be a perfectionist in everything I do, including something as insignificant as font size, color, or spacing.

Apart from having a hectic work schedule, the team made it a point to provide regular de-stressing opportunities. There were weekly cricket matches, regular parties and networking dinners to give the interns an opportunity to bond and connect with senior management from other divisions even, and broaden their horizons. These sessions helped us become more confident, improved our networking skills and enabled us to interact with highly successful and intelligent people apart from the distressing they were primarily aimed for.

There was a regular feedback mechanism in place which helped me improve and learn from my mistakes, and plan the next leg of the internship in a much more aware manner.

Personally, this period made me a more confident and a stronger individual. It helped me approach people without inhibitions, improved my communications skills along with my technical capabilities. There are many instances where we feel that a particular domain is our forte but soon on entering the corporate world realize that the reality is very different from what we had envisaged. Summer internships are a great way of aligning the reality to our dreams and expectations. Never having imagined a future in the banking sector, let alone be an investment banker, this internship made me realize that this is what I want to do in the future once I graduate from the institute.

– Paridhi Agrawal, PGP 2015- 2017, IIM Indore